Best Tile Leveling Systems
Make Tile Installation Without Lippage

Awisdom Best Tile Leveling System: A Simple and Reliable Solution for Perfect Tile Laying. Designed to enhance the efficiency of tile installation and prevent tile lippage, our system is the go-to choice for seamless and even tile surfaces.

Thanks to our innovative clips and wedge system, accuracy and levelness in tile installation are assured. Awisdom also offers recyclable and screw-type tile leveling systems, broadening your project options while minimizing costs. 

Get the premium solution for just 30% of the market price. Contact us today to elevate your tiling projects with our best tile leveling systems.

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Awisdom Wall & Floor Tile Leveler System


Step into the future with the Awisdom tile wall leveling system. Engineered for precision, our system ensures flawless, lippage-free tile installation, redefining efficiency and elegance in flooring.

Beyond Just a Tile Leveling System

Awisdom is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for your tiling needs. We offer a wide range of accessories related to building materials, including tile suction cups, tile vibration machines, and tile trims. Our commitment goes beyond just leveling systems – we aim to enhance your entire tiling experience with quality and convenience.


Redefining Precision in Tile Levelers

At Awisdom, we're not just experts. We're pioneers with a passion for perfection. We recognized the evolving challenges faced by modern tiling professionals, especially with the trend of larger tiles making evenness harder to achieve.

While many solutions on the market claim to address these issues, we found them lacking the finesse and precision that true professionals demand. Determined to craft the ultimate tile leveling solution, we channeled our extensive industry experience and innovative spirit. The result is that our tile leveling system is the best one for you.

Awisdom's best tile leveling system guarantees not only a lippage-free finish but also a faster, smoother tiling process. Choose Awisdom, where tradition meets innovation to deliver unparalleled flooring excellence.

How a Tile Levelling System Works?

In just three steps, you can easily say goodbye to uneven, wobbly tiles.

tile leveling system china

Place clips on the tiles

that need to be installed

Tile Leveling Wedge

Insert wedges into clips

Perfect Level Master Tile Leveling System

Use pliers to tighten them

Elevate Every Tile Project with Awisdom

Step into the world of flawless flooring.
With Awisdom, it's not just about laying tiles. It's about crafting masterpieces.
Embrace a system that caters to every tile size, ensuring impeccable precision and finish.
Our innovative clips are the secret allies of countless professional tile installers who demand nothing less than perfection.

With joint widths ranging from 1-3 mm and compatibility for tiles with thicknesses of 3-22 mm, Awisdom provides the versatility and adaptability your projects need.

Join the professionals. Choose Awisdom, and let every tile you lay be a testament to excellence.

tile clips


1/8'' tile clips

1/12'' tile clips

1/16'' tile clips

1/32'' tile clips

1/8 tile clips


1/8'' tile spacers

1/12'' tile spacers

1/16'' tile spacers

1/32'' tile spacers

Blog & Video Resources

Awisdom provides you with the most professional decoration knowledge. 

Learn the latest usage methods and techniques of tile leveling system through our selected blogs.

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