Tile Calculator

This tile calculator is designed to provide an accurate estimate of the total tiles required to cover any given surface, including floors, roofs, walls, and more. Additionally, it accurately accounts for the gaps or overlaps between tiles, ensuring a precise calculation. The process is visually demonstrated in the illustration below.

Tile Calculator

How to Use a Tile Calculator?

Whether you're planning a renovation project or simply looking to cover a specific area with tiles, our Tile Calculator is designed to help you estimate the total number of tiles required efficiently and accurately.

Tile Length

  • What It Is: The length of a single tile, measured from one end to the other.
  • What to Enter: Measure the length of the tile you plan to use for your project. Enter this measurement in inches. For example, if your tile is 12 inches long, enter '12'.

Tile Width

  • What It Is: The width of a single tile, representing the distance from one side to the opposite side.
  • What to Enter: Similar to the tile length, measure your tile’s width in inches and input this number. For instance, if the width of your tile is 12 inches, you would enter '12'.

Area Length to Cover

  • What It Is: The total length of the surface area you intend to cover with tiles.
  • What to Enter: Measure the length of the area in feet. If the room or surface you are tiling is 20 feet long, input '20' in this field.

Area Width to Cover

  • What It Is: The total width of the surface area that needs tiling.
  • What to Enter: Measure the width of the area in feet. For example, if the surface is 15 feet wide, you would enter '15'.

Gap Size

  • What It Is: The size of the gap or space that you plan to leave between each tile, often filled with grout.
  • What to Enter: Determine the width of the gap you prefer or that is recommended for your tile type. This measurement is typically much smaller than the dimensions of the tiles themselves and is entered in inches. A common gap size is 0.25 inches, so you would enter '0.25' if you wish to have a quarter-inch space between your tiles.

After entering all the required measurements, simply click the "Calculate" button. The calculator will instantly provide you with an estimate of the total number of tiles needed for your project. Remember, it's always a good idea to purchase a few extra tiles beyond this estimate to account for any cutting errors or future repairs.

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