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Awisdom Tile Accessories is a global professional manufacturer of all types of decorating and building material, integrating development and production together.

We have many years of experience in supplying tile trims, wall panel edge trim, floor trim, stair nosing, transition strip, carpet transition strip, skirting board, movement joint, Led profile, tile spacer, tile leveling system, curtain rods and related products.

Our goal is to offer complete solutions for our customers' ceramic tile accessory and decoration needs. As a manufacturing enterprise with high standards and a high starting point, we have been dedicated to the research, development, production, and innovation of tile accessories and decoration-related products since its establishment in 2002.

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Our Commitment

The highest quality products | The most professional service

Our commitment is to provide all customers with the highest quality products, fastest delivery, most comprehensive services, and most competitive prices.

Awisdom Tile Accessories develops, produces, and trades ceramic tile accessories and decoration products globally. With its strong production capacity, trading experience, multiple warehouses, and cross-border logistics company, it has created a global network for tile accessories and decoration products.

This network provides customers with fast and convenient door-to-door delivery service. Regardless of whether you have imported building materials from China, Awisdom Tile Accessories can provide excellent service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable our global customers to purchase mid-to-high-end products of the same quality at the lowest possible cost. We do this by removing any artificial added value from our products, thus bringing goods back to their core essence of utility and transaction.

Because of our strong and effective production capabilities and close collaboration with our workshop staff, we can offer you a win-win partnership, whether you require large or small quantities of products, or whether you need wholesale or engineering services.

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With our cross-border logistics company and our years of development, we have established many global shipping routes that allow us to offer the most cost-effective delivery service to different clients. Just provide us with an address, and regardless of its location in the world, we can provide you with the most efficient delivery.

Our professional and trustworthy team is committed to providing our clients with the most reasonable product solutions, offering the most professional quotations, and recommending the most suitable partnership plan based on our thorough understanding of your local market.

These three elements are what we believe to be the best gifts we can offer our clients. At the same time, allowing us to accompany them on their journey to success is the best gift that clients can give us

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive service for tile accessories and related decoration products. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in achieving your needs.

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