Tile Edge Led Profile

Venture into the realm of modern illumination with our Tile edge LED Profile offerings, specifically engineered to enhance and complement tiled surfaces. Our profiles seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of your tiles, creating a sleek, contemporary ambiance that captivates the essence of modern architectural design.

  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Our Tile edge LED Profiles are crafted to accentuate the visual appeal of your tiled areas, creating a soft, elegant illumination that highlights the texture and color of your tiles
  • Diverse Installation Options: Catering to varied design preferences, we provide two primary variants - recessed profiles and under-tile installation profiles. This flexibility allows for a bespoke lighting solution tailored to your specific needs.
  • High-Quality Material: Manufactured from anodized material, our profiles ensure high resistance to scratches, abrasions, and are accompanied by solid, crack-resistant diffusers, ensuring durability alongside aesthetic appeal.
  • Ease of Installation: The design of our profiles facilitates easy installation, particularly with the under-tile profiles that come with ready-made mounting holes. This feature significantly eases the installation process and enhances the adhesion of the product to the surface.
  • Water-Tight Solution: The possibility of using waterproof strips and a set of sealants and silicone with our recessed profiles ensures a water-tight solution, making them an excellent choice for areas with increased humidity such as bathrooms.

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Why You Should Choose Awisdom's Tile Edge Led Profile

Engage with our Tile edge LED Profile solutions and transform ordinary tiled spaces into extraordinary illuminated experiences. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through selecting the perfect profile that aligns with your design vision, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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how to install Plastered in Led Profile
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Get Creative with Our Tile Edge Led Profile

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Residential and Commercial Passageways

Our Tile edge LED Profiles are perfect for illuminating passageways in both residential and commercial settings, providing a modern, inviting path that enhances the overall ambiance.

Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting

With their aesthetic appeal and water-tight features, our profiles are an excellent choice for enhancing the lighting in bathrooms and kitchens, supporting the primary source of light and adding a touch of modern elegance.

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Architectural Highlighting

Utilize our profiles to accentuate architectural features, adding a sophisticated touch to transitions in tiled flooring and wall arrangements. The sleek design of our profiles complements modern architectural aesthetics, making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

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With 15 years of manufacturing experience, we have perfected the process of supplying tile accessories to ensure the best quality products for our customers.

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With years of experience and a large customer base, Awsidom offers a diverse selection of products to cater to your needs.

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At Awisdom, we offer our customers attractive pricing options to ensure a win-win partnership without compromising on quality.

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With our cross-border logistics company and our years of development, we have established many global shipping routes that allow us to offer the most efficient delivery service to different clients.

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Q: Do Plaster in LED Channels come complete with LEDs?

No, the Plaster in LED Channel is designed to house LED strip lighting, allowing you to choose the color and power of LED strip lights that best suit your needs.

Q: Are LED Plaster-in Profiles with LED lighting dimmable?

Yes, most of our LED strips are dimmable when paired with a compatible dimmable power supply or LED controller.

Q: Does the Plaster-in LED Channel come with pre-made corners?

Some models of our Plaster-in LED Channel have ready-made corners available, which can be found in the accessories section at the bottom of each product page.

Q: I am seeking ideas on where to utilize Drywall LED Strips in my office. Can you assist?

Plaster-in LED Profile lights are excellent for primary lighting or feature lighting in reception areas, board rooms, or for illuminating dark corridors.

Q: How are LED Channels installed on drywall?

We offer a variety of surface mount LED Channel options suitable for installation on drywall. Each LED Channel has distinct fixing methods depending on its size and purpose.

Q: How do you affix LED lights on drywall?

The type of LED Channel you choose will determine the fixing method. Normal drywall fixings can be employed to secure the LED Channels via the necessary brackets to the drywall section.

Q: How can LED Strip Lights on the ceiling be concealed?

Utilizing a LED Strip Channel designed for drywall is an effective way to hide LED Strip Lights on the ceiling. These channels can either be surface-mounted or flush-mounted for a clean, seamless appearance.

Q: How to install LED lights on the wall?

Employing a LED Strip Channel designed for drywall is the method for installing LED lights on the wall. These channels can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted, ensuring a sleek, seamless look.

Q: Do you install LED lights on the ceiling or wall?

LED lights can be installed on both the ceiling and wall, depending on your lighting preferences. Using a LED Strip Channel designed for drywall can help achieve a polished, professional look on either surface.

Q: How to conceal LED Strip Lights?

To conceal LED Strip Lights, a LED Strip Channel designed for drywall can be employed. These channels can be mounted either on the surface of the wall or ceiling, or flush-mounted for a sleek, seamless appearance.

Q: What is a LED Strip Wall?

A LED Strip Wall is a wall with LED strip lights installed. Utilizing LED Strip Channels designed for drywall can help achieve a clean, professional finish.

Q: What is a Ceiling LED Strip Channel?

A Ceiling LED Strip Channel is a channel fashioned for drywall installation, enabling the mounting of LED strip lights either on the surface or flush with the ceiling.

Q: Can LED Strip Lights be installed on Drywall Strips?

Yes, LED Strip Lights can be securely installed on drywall strips using a LED Strip Channel designed for drywall.

Q: What is a Plasterboard LED Channel?

A Plasterboard LED Channel is an aluminum LED channel that can be mounted in drywall using specialized mounting brackets, offering a sleek lighting solution.

Q: What is a LED Strip Channel for Drywall?

A LED Strip Channel for Drywall is a channel that can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted on drywall to accommodate LED strip lights.

Q: What is a LED Drywall Channel?

A LED Drywall Channel is a specially designed channel to be mounted on drywall, providing a housing for LED strip lights.

Q: What are Plaster in Aluminum LEDs?

Plaster in Aluminum LEDs refer to LED strip lights housed in aluminum LED channels, providing a modern, sleek lighting solution that complements contemporary architectural designs. These channels also serve as an effective heat sink for the LED tape strip.

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