Stair Calculator

This stair calculator is an online tool designed to assist in determining the dimensions of stairs based on user-provided inputs. By specifying the total run and rise of the staircase, as well as selecting the number of steps required, users can accurately calculate essential parameters such as individual step height and length, stringer dimensions, and the angle of inclination. This tool adheres to standard building codes, ensuring compliance with safety and construction regulations.

Stair Calculator

How to Use the Stair Calculator

Input Parameters:

  1. Total Run: This is the horizontal distance from the edge of the first step to the edge of the last step, including any nosing if present.
  2. Total Rise: This represents the vertical distance from the bottom of the first step to the top of the last step.
  3. Select Runs (Steps): Users select the number of steps desired, ensuring compliance with local building codes which specify maximum riser heights and minimum tread lengths.

Output Results

Upon entering the above parameters, the Stair Calculator calculates and displays the following dimensions and specifications:

  1. Rise (inches): The height of each step, measured from the top of one tread to the top of the next.
  2. Run (inches): The horizontal depth of each step, from the edge of the tread to the vertical riser.
  3. Stringer Length (inches): The length of the stringer, which supports the steps and risers along the staircase.
  4. Stringer Height (inches): The vertical height of the stringer, from the bottom to the top where it meets the next floor or landing.
  5. Angle: The angle of inclination of the staircase, measured in degrees, which determines its steepness.

By providing these detailed calculations, the Stair Calculator assists in ensuring that stair designs meet safety standards and construction requirements, facilitating accurate planning and execution of stair construction projects.

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