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 October 13, 2023

Top 6 Renter Friendly Curtain Rod: No-Drill and Easy Install [2023]

Hey there, fellow renters! I know the struggle of wanting to add a personal touch to a rental without upsetting the landlord is real. That’s where renter friendly curtain rod comes into play. They've been my go-to for hassle-free installations in my rental spaces over the years.

These nifty gadgets allow us to hang our favorite drapes and curtains without the dreaded drill. No holes, no mess, and certainly no angry calls from the landlord! In this article, I'm excited to share my hands-on experiences with various renter friendly curtain rods, their ease of installation, and how they've made my rental feel more like home.

So, let’s dive into the world of renter-friendly solutions and find the perfect fit for your window dressing needs!

How to Install Curtains Without Drilling?

Once the needs are clarified, you can selectively choose products while shopping. Below are three common and popular methods:

1. Tension Rods:

renter friendly curtain rod

The core technology used in no-drill curtain rods is the pressure rod, which operates by generating pressure through an internal spring mechanism, securing the rod between the window frame or walls. This design effectively avoids the damage to walls associated with traditional installation methods like drilling or adhesive.

The advantage of tension rods is their ease of installation and no professional tools or skills are required, making it a breeze for anyone. Moreover, the sturdiness of a no-drill curtain rod correlates with its quality.

High-quality ones are made from high-strength alloy materials, offering good pressure resistance and stability, capable of bearing substantial weight and pull force. On the other hand, inferior no-drill curtain rods made from subpar materials can easily loosen or deform, failing to ensure a solid curtain installation.



Cost-effective, highly friendly for renters; simple installation, effortlessly manageable by women.

Your windows must be outward opening or sliding, otherwise, it'll affect the usage of the curtains. Also, the daylighting experience is mediocre. If you aim for better daylighting, you can opt for a longer rod, but then you'd have to stick to lighter curtains.

2. Velcro Curtains:

Velcro Curtains
best Velcro Curtain

Velcro curtains are a type of curtain that employs velcro, either on the curtain itself or as a means of attachment to a rod or other structure.
There are many curtains available in the market with built-in velcro strips; well, they don't even require curtain rods.



Extremely cheap, you can't find a more budget-friendly solution than using velcro curtains.

Severely affects daylighting, which is pretty terrible for those who love natural light. Plus, its stability is very poor; Velcro curtains often tends to fall off.

3. Adhesive Curtain Tracks:

Adhesive Curtain Track
Adhesive Curtain Track

This is a type of curtain track with adhesive tape at the top.



Good user experience, relatively stable, and decent daylighting.

Pricier, and requires a suitable wall surface, for example, it can't be used on latex painted walls, otherwise, due to the weight, it may fall off or damage the wall. Also, it requires hook-on curtains, and the top blackout performance is inferior. Not a good choice for those who prefer traditional folding curtains.

6 Best Renter-Friendly Curtain Rods

#1 Tension Rods

15 inch tension rod

Tension rods, also known as expandable tension roman rods, are a dream come true for easy installation and removal. Even if you have zero home improvement experience, you can use them effortlessly. Plus, they won’t damage your walls or window frames, making them a perfect companion for renters. Common sizes include 15 inch tension rod and 84 inch tension rod.
The magic behind tension rods is simple: they use the tension between two walls or a window frame to keep your curtains in place. See, it’s not complicated at all.

#2 Command Hooks

command hooks for textured walls
command hooks for textured walls

Command Hooks are more of an accessory than a curtain rod, but they are commonly used to hang curtain rods without the need for drilling. They won’t damage your walls thanks to the damage-free adhesive they use. However, they aren't designed to hold heavy items, so there are size requirements for the curtain rods.

Generally, command hooks for textured walls are suitable for rods with a diameter smaller than 5/8 inch, a length shorter than 48 inches, and end caps larger than 3/4 inch, with a weight capacity of about 5 pounds. So, once your curtain rod is hung, the remaining weight capacity is only enough to support lightweight curtains.

#3 No-Drill Curtain Bypass Brackets and Adapters

Curtain Bypass Brackets

Compared to Command Hooks, these no-drill curtain bypass brackets and adapters offer a sturdier solution, but they also have size requirements. They utilize a self-adhesive design, just align them where you need to hang, give a good press, and voila, the bracket is installed. Next, open the adapter, insert the Roman rod, and press down the locking switch – it’s that simple.

#4 Compression Shades & Blinds

Compression Shades
Compression Blinds

Shades and blinds are quite similar, and both can be adapted to compression systems to achieve a no-drill installation. They also come in a variety of sizes to fit different window widths. They offer better stability, so you can use your favorite curtains without worrying about weight issues.

But here's the catch – after boasting all these perks, they do come with a hefty price tag which may stretch beyond the budget of renters, especially short-term renters, making it a less economical choice.

#5 Twist & Fit Curtain Rods

Renter Friendly Curtain Rod
Renter Friendly Curtain Rod

The operation of Twist & Fit Curtain Rods is similar to tension rods, featuring hooks and a separate rod that attaches to the window. Function-wise, they are pretty similar too, designed specifically for curtains. These rods often have the appearance and style of traditional screw-in rods, and might be able to support a much heavier weight of curtains or blinds than simple tension grabbers.

The Twist & Fit rods also come in a one-piece design to ensure the installation is as straightforward as possible.A little heads up, steer clear from using them on uneven corners or walls, as this might cause issues with the twisting mechanism functioning properly.

#6 Ceiling-Mounted Curtain Rods

Renter Friendly Curtain Rod
Renter Friendly Curtain Rod

Many people assume ceiling-mounted rods only support drilled installation, but in reality, they also come in no-drill types with a self-adhesive design.

However, they do have a clear downside compared to wall-mounted ones – they are less sturdy. The convenience of no-drill design is achieved at the cost of stability; curtain rods mounted on the ceiling may gradually loosen under the influence of gravity.

Measurement and Installation Guide for DIY Beginners

How to hang valance and curtains on one rod?

After introducing the above six methods, you might be interested in one of them. Next comes the question of how to measure and install.
Taking a standard window as an example, let's discuss how to measure and install no-drill curtains.

This measurement is extremely simple, as no-drill curtains are installed internally. You just need to measure the internal width and height of the window frame. Note that for no-drill curtain width, there's no need to subtract any measurements.

For example, in the case of roller curtains, no-drill roller curtains come with a header, which we will install on both sides of the rod after receiving the product. One side of the header is pressable; press on one side to clip the curtain into the window frame.

Fine-tune to determine the right position, once the position is right, rotate and tighten the thread until it can no longer be turned, then it's fully secured. After installation, try pulling down the curtain and drawing it up to ensure it's installed correctly.

How to hang valance and curtains on one rod?

In the case of tension rods, they use spring tension to secure themselves in place, so there's no need for any tools, drilling, or additional hardware. This is a simple and damage-free method of hanging curtains, especially suitable for renters or those new to home improvement.

Before purchasing, first, determine the height and width of the installation. Generally, curtain rods should extend about 20 to 30 centimeters beyond the window on both sides. For exposed rods, they are typically installed midway between the ceiling and the window frame.

Calculate the hole distance, usually not exceeding 50 centimeters, then mark the position, drill holes, and insert expansion screws. Once the holes for the curtains are prepared, you can fix the mounting brackets, then place the rod on these brackets directly.

Specific installation steps for curtain rod:

How to use drapery hooks on rod pocket curtains?
How to use drapery hooks on rod pocket curtains?

1. Before placing the rod, slide the curtain onto the rod.
2. Lift the rod to the window, then twist it to extend until it's slightly wider than the window. Rest one end of the rod against one side of the window frame, then push the other end of the rod towards the other side of the window frame until it fits snugly.
3. Adjust the curtain, spreading it evenly along the rod.
4. Check the rod, gently pull the rod to ensure it's firmly in place. If it feels loose, twist it to extend further until it fits snugly.

Final thoughts about renter friendly curtain rod

After sharing a variety of renter friendly curtain rod options, I’m stoked to have been able to help fellow DIY enthusiasts navigate this minor yet impactful home upgrade. The journey from exploring tension rods to twisting and fitting the rods into place, every method has its charm.

Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves to measure your window for that perfect no-drill curtain fit or getting the hang of adhesive curtain tracks, there’s a little something for every renter out there.

And remember, you don’t need to break the bank or the walls to add that cozy or chic touch to your rental. It's all about getting creative and making the space your own, no drilling required!

If you want to know more about rental decoration, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Quick questions and answers about curtain rod

How to use drapery hooks on rod pocket curtains?

To use drapery hooks on rod pocket curtains, slide the hooked end of the drapery hook through the rod pocket on the back of the curtain, then hook the other end of the drapery hook over the curtain rod.

How much does it cost to install curtain rods?

The cost to install curtain rods can range from around $91 to $200 or more depending on the complexity of the installation and the type of rod. Hiring a professional might incur additional charges of around $50 to $100 per hour.

How to hang valance and curtains on one rod?

To hang a valance and curtains on one rod, first slide the curtains onto the rod, then attach the valance using clip rings or another method like a rod pocket or back tabs. Adjust the position to ensure a balanced look.

What is a traverse rod for curtains?

A traverse rod is a type of curtain rod that has a track and a cord, allowing you to move the curtains across the window or door smoothly without touching the fabric, which can help preserve its quality. Curtains are attached to the rod by clips or eyes that accommodate curtain pins, making it easy to open and close the curtains.

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