Container Loading Calculator

Container Loading Calculator is an online tool, designed for professionals in the building materials import industry. This tool enables you to efficiently calculate the optimal loading of containers for various building materials, ensuring maximum utilization of space and weight limits. As a leading exporter of building materials, we specialize in profiles of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, and PVC. If you require high-quality materials for your projects, please contact us for reliable service and competitive pricing.

If you need to calculate the weight of your metal profiles, please use our metal weight calculator.

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Container Loading Calculator

How to Use the Container Loading Calculator

The Container Loading Calculator is designed to help you efficiently determine the optimal loading configuration for your building materials. Below is a detailed guide on how to use each input field and understand the output parameters.

Input Parameters

  1. Choose Unit:
    • Select the unit of measurement for your inputs from the dropdown menu. Available options are centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), meters (m), inches (in), and feet (ft).
  2. Box Length:
    • Enter the length of a single box of materials. The unit of measurement will change according to your selection in the "Choose Unit" dropdown.
  3. Box Width:
    • Enter the width of a single box of materials.
  4. Box Height:
    • Enter the height of a single box of materials. 
  5. Box Weight:
    • Enter the weight of a single box of materials. 
  6. Container Type:
    • Select the type of container you will use for shipping. The dropdown menu includes various standard container types, such as 20ft Standard Container (20' GP), 40ft Standard Container (40' GP), 40ft High Cube Container (40' HC), and others.

Output Parameters

  1. Max Packets:
    • This field displays the maximum number of boxes that can fit into the selected container, considering the dimensions and weight of each box.
  2. Container Utilization:
    • This field shows the percentage of the container's volume that is utilized by the boxes. It helps you understand how efficiently the container space is used.
  3. Stacking Levels:
    • This parameter indicates the number of vertical stacking levels possible within the container based on the height of the boxes and the height of the container.
  4. Container Max. Volume:
    • This field shows the total volume of the container in cubic meters (m³) or cubic feet (ft³), depending on the selected unit.
  5. Volume of One Packet:
    • This field displays the volume of a single box in cubic meters (m³) or cubic feet (ft³), depending on the selected unit.
  6. Total Weight:
    • This parameter shows the total weight of all the boxes in the container. If the total weight exceeds the maximum allowable weight of the container, an "Overweight" warning will be displayed.

Form 1: ISO Standard Data for Reference

Container Type
Internal Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
Max Cargo Weight
20ft Standard Container (20' GP)
5.898m x 2.352m x 2.393m
25,000 kg
40ft Standard Container (40' GP)
11.998m x 2.330m x 2.350m
26,500 kg
40ft High Cube Container (40' HC)
11.998m x 2.330m x 2.655m
26,500 kg
45ft High Cube Container (45' HC)
13.542m x 2.330m x 2.655m
27,910 kg
20ft High Cube Container (20' HC)
5.898m x 2.350m x 2.690m
25,000 kg
30ft Standard Container (30' GP)
8.931m x 2.330m x 2.350m
27,600 kg
30ft High Cube Container (30' HC)
8.931m x 2.330m x 2.655m
27,600 kg
45ft Standard Container (45' GP)
13.58m x 2.34m x 2.71m
29,000 kg

Steps to Use the Calculator

  1. Select the desired unit of measurement from the "Choose Unit" dropdown.
  2. Enter the dimensions (length, width, height) of a single box in the corresponding fields.
  3. Enter the weight of a single box in the "Box Weight" field.
  4. Select the type of container from the "Container Type" dropdown.
  5. Click the "Calculate" button to see the results.

Our calculator provides an efficient way to determine the best loading configuration for your building materials, ensuring you make the most of your container space and weight limits. If you require high-quality profiles of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, or PVC, please contact us for professional service and competitive pricing.

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