Stainless Steel Quarter Round Tile Trim

Quarter-circle tile edge profiles, made from stainless steel, offer a smooth finish and edge protection for tiles. Available in heights from 6mm to 12.5mm, these tile trim profiles come with matching inner and outer corners to ensure precise corner formation.

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Round Tile Trim Seires

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Products Specification


Stainless Steel Tile Trim


Stainless Steel 201 or 304 or 316


1. Length: 2.44/ 2.5/ 2.7/ 3m

2. Thickness: 0.4 mm-1 mm

3. Height: 8/ 10/ 12 mm 

4. Colour: Silver/ Gold/ Black/ Champagne

5. Type: According to Your Market or Recommend

Punching Hole Shape

Square/ Round/ Triangle/ Letters/ Diamond

Surface Treatment

Polishing, Anodizing oxidation, Power coating, Electrophoresis


Protecting & Decorating the edges of tile, marble, UV board, glass, ect.



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The Superiority of Stainless Steel Quarter Round Trim

Our Stainless Steel Round Edge Tile Trim stands out in the market for homeowners, interior decorators, and builders who want to invest in durability, aesthetics, and functionality in their tile installations. The benefits of our product extend beyond its stunning visual appeal, offering a myriad of advantages:

Unparalleled Durability

Crafted from superior quality stainless steel, our Metal Quarter Round Trim withstands years of wear and tear while maintaining its luster. Impervious to rust and decay, this trim ensures a long-lasting shine that enhances your space for years to come.

Enhanced Protection

Our Stainless Steel Tile Trim safeguards the edges of your tiles from chipping and cracking, significantly extending the life of your tile installations and reducing the need for expensive repairs.

Refined Aesthetic Appeal

With its sleek, modern profile, our Stainless Steel Round Edge Tile Trim adds a layer of sophistication to any tile installation. Its highly polished finish amplifies its allure, providing an elegant accent that complements any design aesthetic.

Versatility at Its Best

Available in an array of sizes and finishes, our Round Edge Tiles offer unmatched versatility for any tile installation. Compatible with all types of tile—be it ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone—our trim is a go-to solution for all your tiling needs.

Cost-Effective Choice

While our Stainless Steel Tile Trim may have a higher upfront cost than plastic or aluminum options, its exceptional durability and longevity make it a cost-effective investment in the long run. Furthermore, its potential to enhance the value of your property makes it an even more worthwhile choice.

Effortless Installation

Our 1/4 Inch Tile Edge Trim comes in pre-cut lengths, making it incredibly easy to install, even for those with minimal tiling experience. A swift application using screws or adhesive, and your tiles are neatly framed and protected.

Simple Maintenance

In addition to its other benefits, our Stainless Steel Tile Trim is low-maintenance and easy to clean. A staple in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, it can resist spills and stains with minimal effort. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth to keep the trim looking pristine and new.


Our Stainless Steel Round Edge Tile Trim combines luxury and practicality in a single package, offering a superior alternative for all your tiling needs. With its elegant design, it seamlessly integrates with any interior style, while its robust and durable structure ensures a long lifespan, adding a timeless appeal to your space.

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