Heavy Duty Tile Suction Cup

Large Format Tile Suction Cups, also known as heavy-duty suction lifters, are specifically engineered to tackle the toughest industrial challenges. These high-performance suction cups excel at lifting and transporting heavy and bulky objects with ease. Powered by a robust air pump system, they create a strong vacuum force that securely holds the suction cups in position, providing reliable and efficient handling.

The advantages of Large Format Tile Suction Cups extend beyond their robust construction. These versatile tools offer enhanced safety and precision, ensuring a secure grip on the materials being handled. Their ergonomic design and powerful suction capabilities minimize the risk of slippage and damage during transportation, providing peace of mind to operators and reducing the likelihood of costly accidents.

· Powerful lifting: Awisdom Heavy Duty Tile Suction Cups are specialized tools designed for lifting and moving heavy and bulky objects with ease.
· Air pump powered:
These suction cups are powered by an air pump that creates a strong vacuum, providing a reliable hold on heavy materials.
· Ideal for heavy-duty applications:
They are commonly used in manufacturing, construction, and transportation industries for handling materials such as glass, metal, and stone.
· Durable and reliable:
Designed to withstand harsh environments and heavy loads, these suction cups are a reliable and efficient solution for material handling applications.
· Convenient Delivery:
Awisdom offers DDP (door-to-door) shipping services to ensure convenient and timely delivery of the product to our customers.

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Product Specifications


Heavy Duty Tile Suction Cup

Product name

Suction Cup

Suction Power

150 kg


Multi Functional


alloy steel




Mount Tools


Hand Tool Parts



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How to get suction cups to stick to tile

To get suction cups to stick to tile, make sure the tile surface is clean and dry. Wet the suction cup slightly and press it firmly against the tile, making sure there are no air bubbles trapped underneath. You can also try using a small amount of petroleum jelly on the suction cup to improve its grip.

How to Make Suction Cups Stick to Textured Tile

To make suction cups stick to textured tile, you can try a few different methods. One option is to clean the tile surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol before applying the suction cup. Another option is to use a hairdryer to warm up the suction cup, which can make it more pliable and help it adhere to the textured surface. Additionally, you can try using adhesive hooks or suction cup alternatives specifically designed for textured surfaces.

What surfaces do suction cups not stick to?

Suction cups typically do not stick well to porous surfaces such as wood, rough or textured surfaces, and surfaces with cracks or gaps. They also may not adhere to surfaces that are dirty or oily.

How to Properly Use Suction Cups for Large Format Tiles

Suction cups should be dry when used on large format tiles. Wetting the suction cups can cause them to lose their grip and not adhere properly to the tiles.

Why are suction cups so strong?

Suction cups are able to create a strong hold due to the difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the cup. When the cup is pressed against a surface and the air is expelled, the pressure inside the cup becomes lower than the pressure outside, creating a vacuum effect that holds the cup in place. The larger the surface area of the cup, the stronger the suction force.

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