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 January 30, 2024

The Pros and Cons of a Shower Niche Under Shower Head

In an era where space optimization and interior elegance are paramount in home design, the emergence of shower niches as a bathroom staple marks a significant trend. These built-in storage solutions, commonly recessed into shower walls, are increasingly favored for their ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. This article delves into the practical benefits and design considerations of incorporating shower niche under shower head, offering homeowners valuable insights for their bathroom renovations.

What is Shower Niche?

A shower niche is a built-in shelf, recessed into the wall of your shower or bath, designed for storing essential items like soap, shampoo, and conditioner. It offers a neat, streamlined solution compared to other storage options like hanging caddies or corner shelves. By being recessed, it utilizes available wall space efficiently without protruding into the shower area, thus maintaining a sleek and tidy look in the bathroom.

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There are various types of shower niches, each catering to different design preferences and practical needs. Common styles include tiled shower recesses, which seamlessly integrate with the surrounding wall tiles, and contrasting niches, which use different materials or colors to create a focal point. Some niches also feature hidden lighting, adding a luxurious and spa-like ambiance to the shower.

When planning a shower niche, consider its placement in relation to the showerhead and the entry point of the bathroom. This will influence its visibility and accessibility. Additionally, the size and height of the niche are important for accommodating different bottle sizes and ensuring ease of reach.

Another aspect to consider is the type of niche. Options range from custom-built tiled niches, which are luxurious but can be costly and complex to install, to prefabricated niche inserts that are easier to install and already waterproof. There are also finished niches with varying levels of integration with waterproofing membranes, impacting their ease of installation and potential for leaks.

Pros & Cons When Put Shower Niche Under Shower Head

Design Factors

Placing a shower niche under the shower head can have aesthetic advantages. It often centers the niche in the shower, creating a symmetrical and visually appealing layout. This can be particularly effective if the niche is designed to complement the shower's tile pattern and overall design theme.

However, this placement might not always be ideal in terms of functionality. The splash zone, which is the area near the shower head, often gets a lot of water exposure. Placing a niche directly in this area could lead to quicker wear and the need for more frequent cleaning to prevent soap and shampoo residue buildup.

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Pros & Cons When Put Shower Niche Under Shower Head 01

Installation Challenges

Installing a niche under the shower head involves careful consideration of the shower's existing plumbing. This location could mean that water supply lines need to be redirected, adding complexity and potential cost to the installation process.

The structural integrity of the wall should also be considered. Making space for a niche might require altering the wall studs, which could potentially compromise the wall's stability if not done properly.

Alternative Placements

While under the shower head is a common placement, niches can also be effectively placed on opposite walls or side walls. These placements might offer better protection from direct water spray and might be more accessible depending on the shower's layout.

Multiple smaller niches, either side by side or vertically aligned, can be an alternative to a single large niche under the shower head. This can offer more storage while still maintaining design symmetry and reducing the impact of water exposure on any single niche.

Where NOT to Put a Shower Niche?

Avoid Exterior Walls

Installing a shower niche on an exterior wall is generally not recommended. This is primarily due to insulation concerns. In walls with thinner insulation, such as those that are 2x4, placing a shower niche can significantly reduce the insulation, impacting the thermal efficiency of the wall. In 2x6 walls, the available space for insulation is reduced even further. The concern here is not just about structural integrity, but also about potential energy inefficiencies and moisture problems arising from reduced insulation.

Shower Niche Avoid Exterior Walls

Structural Considerations

When installing a niche, especially a horizontal one on a back shower wall, it's vital to consider the wall's structural integrity. These walls might be bearing walls critical to the home's structure. Cutting out parts of these walls for a niche can compromise their rigidity, leading to issues like grout cracking, tile delamination, and waterproofing failure. If a niche spans more than a couple of wall studs, constructing a new wall adjacent to the original wall, specifically for the niche, could be a safer alternative. This method ensures the structural integrity of the original wall remains intact.

Moisture and Condensation Risks

Installing a shower niche on an exterior wall also poses risks due to moisture and condensation. The humid environment of a shower can lead to moisture penetrating the wall cavity, which becomes a problem in exterior walls that require insulation. Temperature differences between the inside and outside can cause condensation in the wall cavity, leading to potential moisture damage.

Shelf Selection and Installation

While not directly related to the placement of the niche, it’s also important to consider the type of shelf installed in the niche. Incorrect shelf choices can lead to issues like difficulty in cleaning, staining, and even mold growth.

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FAQ about Shower Niche Under Shower Head

What is a good size for a shower niche?

A standard shower niche typically measures around 12 inches in width, 28 inches in height, and has a recessed depth of 3.5 inches. This size is sufficient for most bathroom products, fitting well in standard stud bay widths. However, niche dimensions can vary based on personal needs and bathroom size.

What is a shaving niche in a shower?

A shaving niche in a shower is a smaller, specialized niche designed specifically to hold shaving supplies like razors and shaving cream. It's usually positioned at a convenient height for easy access while shaving.

What height should a shower niche be for shaving legs?

The ideal height for a shower niche intended for shaving legs is typically around 12 to 18 inches above the midpoint of the shower wall. This height range ensures easy accessibility while avoiding discomfort or bending too much during use.

What is a foot niche in a shower?

A foot niche in a shower is a recessed area in the shower wall, usually placed about 12 inches off the ground. It's designed to comfortably rest your foot while shaving legs or washing feet, providing balance and convenience.

What is a corner niche in a shower?

A corner niche in a shower is a storage space constructed at the intersection of two walls in a shower. It's an alternative to wall-mounted niches, utilizing corner space for storage and often giving a more integrated look with the shower's design.

Where do you put a footrest in a shower?

A footrest in a shower is typically installed on a side wall, within easy reach when standing. The height is crucial; it should be low enough to comfortably rest your foot on it without having to stretch too much, usually about 12 inches off the ground, but this can vary based on the user's height.

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