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 December 12, 2023

DIY guide: Easy Steps to Remove Paneling from Walls

One day, you're sitting in your own room. Staring at those dark wood walls in your house, and those things make you feel so annoyed. It's far different from your friend's house, which is so bright and stylish. You heard they redecorated their house a while ago, and it cost them a lot of money. Now the vibe in the house is so great. You want to change your home as well! But don't have that much money. My dear friend, it's time to do it by yourself. It's not that hard. Just follow me step by step, you will be able to make your house a big difference!

  • Step1: Prepare the tools you need!
  • Step2: Clear you room before start
  • Step3: Check your wood paneling is glued or nailed
  • Step4: Remove the panel
  • Step5: Finish!
Remove Paneling from Walls

Step1: prepare the tools you need!

If you don’t get the right tools, it will be hard to finish all of the steps. Here are the tools you will need.

Pry bar
Drop cloths
Heat gun (if glued)
Flathead screwdriver
Drywall putty

Step2: clear you room before start

As you will begin the big project in your room, protect your furniture from debris and dust.

1.Take off all of the things hanging on the wall

2.Move your furniture (If it’s hard to move, cover with drop cloth. )

3.Remove baseboards, molding, light switch plates, and outlet covers.

(be careful to do this step, or it may damage or crack them)

  • Carefully insert a screwdriver between the paneling and the baseboard or molding. Gently pry until there is some flexibility.
  • Use pliers to remove any exposed nails.
  • Take the baseboard and molding away from the wall.
  • Unscrew and take off any outlet or light switch covers.
Remove Paneling from Walls

Step3: Check your wood paneling is glued or nailed

1.Put your pry bar where two walls meet at corner. 2.Tap your pry bar into the joint where the two walls meet to separate the wood paneling.

3.Any loose nails can be extracted with pliers. 4.Pry the panel gently away from the wall to check whether it is glued or nailed.

Step4: remove the panel

Nailed to drywall

  1. Use a pry bar and hammer to gently separate the first panel.
  2. Next, use pliers to pull out nails as they loosen.
  3. When all the nails are out, use the pry bar to remove the wood panel.
  4. Put the chisel or pry bar between the next panel and repeat the process.
  5. Until all the panels have been removed.
  6. Finally, utilize drywall putty to fill in any little holes.

Glued to drywall

  1. Use a chisel and hammer to gently pry away the panel.
  2. Take the heat gun towards the lifted area where the glued section is.
  3. Continuously move the heat gun around to prevent overheating.
  4. As the glue softens, carefully pry the panel away.
  5. Maintain heat application while removing the panel.
  6. Scrape off softened glue remain from the drywall using the chisel.
  7. Repeat until done.
  8. Eliminate any remaining glue residue from the drywall.
  9. Utilize drywall putty to fill and patch any holes.
Remove Paneling from Walls

Step5: Finish!

Congratulations! Now you finish all the process. You can redecorate your room with your own ideas. And this space will make you and your family have unforgettable memory at your home.

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Remove Paneling from Walls

FAQs about removing paneling from walls

Does removing paneling damage walls?

If you remove wood paneling too quick or without caution. It is easy to damage walls. As you use the right tools, and do the process carefully. It will not damage a lot. Furthermore, if there is a damage, you can also use tools to repair. Don’t need to worry too much.

Is it better to paint paneling or remove it?

If your paneling is old and dated, I recommend you to remove it and redecorate the wall. You will make the whole room so much different. But, if you still like the design of the wood paneling, you can keep it and just change the color of it.

What to do with wall after removing paneling?

There are many options to choose. After removing paneling, you can repaint the color or use wallpaper to give your room a different vibe. But, make sure your wall is dry and clean, prime the drywall and then repaint it.

How much does it cost to remove paneling from walls?

There are many reasons to affect the price. The prices between nailed wall paneling and glued wall paneling are different. Furthermore, if the type of the board is different, it will also affect the price.

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